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These are official statements issued by the Friends of Lowell Foundation expressing the FOLF's positions on recent happenings in merit-based education. Please e-mail with any press inquiries.

May 30, 2024

Friends of Lowell Foundation Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence

The Friends of Lowell Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the principles of merit and excellence in American education, has filed a compelling and comprehensive amicus curiae brief in support of Boston Parent Coalition v. School Committee for the City of Boston, a pivotal case advocating for upholding merit-based admissions and policies in educational institutions.  The attorneys of record are Lee Cheng and Gordon Fauth.

The case at hand addresses critical issues related to admissions policies that have resorted to using zip codes as a thinly veiled proxy for race, particularly targeting Asian American students, especially those of Chinese descent.

"We believe that upholding merit-based principles is essential for fostering an environment where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential," said Lee Cheng, co-founder and Director of the Friends of Lowell Foundation. "Our involvement in this case reflects our commitment to ensuring that merit and excellence remain cornerstones of the American education system."


This legal action aligns with Merit Matters USA’s mission to champion educational excellence, safeguarding the future competitiveness and security of our nation.

The Boston Parent Coalition v. School Committee for the City of Boston case presents to the Supreme Court of the United States compelling evidence of anti-Asian bias, including:

  • Discriminatory Intent: Communications and public statements from policymakers involved in designing the admissions scheme explicitly express intentions to reduce the number of Asian American students, reflecting clear racial animus.

  • Manipulative Use of Zip Codes: The use of zip codes as a proxy for race circumvents the Supreme Court's ruling against affirmative action, perpetuating racial discrimination under the guise of geographic diversity.

  • Impact on Asian American Students: Data shows a disproportionate impact on Asian American students, who have traditionally excelled in merit-based admissions processes, thereby undermining fairness and equal opportunity.

Our brief, submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, underscores the urgent need to immediately enforce compliance with their recent Students For Fair Admissions decision so as to defend and enhance meritocratic standards in K-12 schools and universities to ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to excel based on their abilities and efforts. This legal action aligns with Merit Matters' mission to champion educational excellence and equity, safeguarding the future competitiveness and security of our nation.

About the Friends of Lowell Foundation and Merit Matters

Friends of Lowell Foundation, a Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by concerned alumni and individuals from Lowell High School who recognized the pressing need for defending educational access and excellence. Their collective efforts have laid the foundation for this vital initiative, striving to create a future where meritocracy and excellence thrive in every classroom.

Merit Matters USA is a Friends of Lowell Foundation initiative dedicated to promoting merit-based education policies and practices across K-12 schools and in higher education institutions throughout the United States. The initiative’s mission is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel based on their abilities and efforts, fostering a culture of academic excellence and the promise that meritocracy provides the National Interest.   Additionally, Merit Matters USA serves to connect and grow the community of advocates who fight for academic magnet high schools throughout the USA.

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