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Lowell in danger again — donate today!


There is no longer a pro-Lowell majority on the BOE. Consequently, the new BOE will use the High School Task Force as cover to attempt to change Lowell’s admissions policy. Whether that will be imposing a lottery again or watering down the current three-band admissions policy, we do not yet know, but we will need to ensure that we have the funds necessary to organize the community to defend merit-based admissions and film the Task Force meetings for the record. Meanwhile, our Committee for Improved Outcomes in Early Education is working to find solutions for improving education for younger children in failing SFUSD schools so that they are prepared to eventually apply for — and excel at — a rigorous institution like Lowell.


You can help us do all of this with your tax-deductible donation. Please also take advantage of your employer’s matching program! All donations have been used to fund operating and legal expenses for our all-volunteer organization.

Ways to Give

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