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Merit-based admissions matter

The Friends of Lowell Foundation promotes educational opportunity and high standards in public instruction by protecting Lowell High School in San Francisco and advocating for merit-based admissions in public magnet high schools across the U.S., K-8 improvements, STEM instruction, and Advanced Placement funding.


New film features Friends of Lowell

On March 2, a lucky group of individuals got to see an exclusive sneak peek of a new documentary featuring Friends of Lowell. Killing America is a film by Eli Steele, Man of Steele Productions, that explores how racism and antisemitism have crept into American schools, including in the San Francisco Unified School District. Several Friends of Lowell speak in the documentary, which includes footage of our most recent pro-merit rally, which was held before the November 14 Board of Education meeting, as well as public comment at that meeting. At the sold-out March 2 event, which was held at the Guild Theatre in Menlo Park, Friends of Lowell Foundation president Christine Linnenbach moderated a post-screening Q&A session. The FOLF then held screenings of the film on March 27 and April 7.



The Friends of Lowell Foundation has led the effort on the West Coast to preserve meritocracy at San Francisco’s public alternative magnet school Lowell High School.  With other organizations, FOLF has worked to elevate the national effort to preserve merit admissions in public high schools across the United States.

Read our statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University & University of North Carolina cases.

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